What Guides Us

We are guided by a belief in the interconnectedness and interdependency of all things. For an organization this means that every employee, volunteer and member of the surrounding community is of inherent and significant value. Accordingly we seek to understand the wisdom in every person’s contribution and trust that the soul of the organization will be revealed if the individual hearts of all participants in the community are well-received. Therefore, we feel responsible to promote diversity in both our human and environmental communities and we believe that our efforts and learnings at work should simultaneously benefit us in our personal and home lives.

We also believe the principles found in nonlinear dynamical systems research show us a simpler way to lead and manage complex organizations. Our consulting and training services are guided by a vision of finding ever more elegant ways to work. In practice this means creating simpler, more powerful interventions in complex organizations to increase both corporate performance and personal satisfaction. We believe in reducing paperwork, shortening meeting times, gaining several effects for each initiative, and improving the quality of life while in the process of meeting business objectives.