Aligning People to Purpose

Your strategic plan requires major organizational change, for one or both of two reasons: You want to take advantage of a critical new opportunity, or you have a major problem that you have to solve. Whatever forces are driving the need for transformation, everyone in the organization is going to have to embrace a new way of working. The unwritten set of shared beliefs, norms and habits that define an organization’s culture also dictate its effectiveness in solving problems and achieving goals. These unpublished rules often explain why things work when they work and why they don’t when they don’t. Therefore, you want your organization’s culture to be functioning as one of its greatest assets, not one of its biggest barriers.

So, back to that strategic plan. How’s it going? On schedule? Results and quality as promised? Or do critical problems persist despite repeated attempts to resolve them?

You may have a vision of what your team could truly accomplish if everyone was fully engaged and 100% accountable. Or maybe your team is slowed by a lack of initiative, by a reluctance to exercise independent judgement. It might be that they have inadvertently become silo’d at a time when they need to be communicating and cooperating at a much higher level. Or maybe they need dramatically more imagination and creativity to discover new, must-have solutions, but are still assuming the cliche’d box out of which they are trying to think. What organizational culture trait is essential to realizing your goals?

It might be one of these:

Accountability Transparency Respect Recognition
Execution Quality Service Innovation Collaboration
Reliability Communication Engagement Sustainability

Whatever organizational culture you wish to create, restore or enhance, we know the secret to systematically defining and implementing it and we will teach your leadership team the essential knowledge and skills they need to effectively lead it.