What People Are Saying

We take pride in providing the highest quality programs and services to our clients in order to produce the best possible outcomes. Here are what some of our clients and colleagues have said about working with us.


Thomas has been a MVP resource to the organization [the ManKind Project] for over 10 years and has proven time and again that his skillset is exponential in scope. Thomas is always geared towards getting groups to see each other, work with each other, resolve conflict, and moving organizations forward.  He is a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and one of the most dynamic facilitators I have experienced. I recommend him highly.

-Michael Rath, Technical Trainer at Ameritraining (and Former Chair, Multicultural Council, ManKind Project USA)


Dr. Griggs has been extremely helpful to me in getting my new enterprise off the ground. His skill as a facilitator of group dynamics is unparalleled. I am amazed at his ability to place a group at ease and solicit participation on a very personal and honest basis. If you need to bring diverse groups together or if you require conflict resolution I would strongly recommend Dr. Griggs.

-Tom Kaczynski, Criterion Services, Inc.


Griggs is the best of the best. If your organization is in turmoil, in conflict, struggling to define the problem or find a way out of it – call this man. I have personally witnessed Thomas Griggs bring a full board room from entrenched negative assumptions and expectations to trust and resolution in a matter of hours. His gifts are significant. If you think there isn’t a way through the problem, call Thomas Griggs.

-Boysen Hodgson, Communications Director, ManKind Project USA


Thomas Griggs worked with the faculty at the Montessori School of Raleigh during the 2011/2012 academic year. As Head of School during that transition year, I am in debt to him for his superb work in healing a faculty that was riven with division and doubt. Thomas helped us learn how to rebuild our school community and to heal old wounds. His steady and confidence-building approach worked wonders with our group of nearly 60 professionals. He worked with us throughout the school year and the results were excellent. I recommend him highly as a facilitator and healer.

-Philip Hadley, Head of School, Saint John’s Episcopal School


Thomas is a highly intelligent, grounded and extremely intuitive consultant. His ability to quickly and accurately assess the needs of a client (or client group) is one to be honored and recognized as one of the best in our business. He is a joy to work with, delivers beyond expectations and outcomes. His ability to respond in the moment is a talent not many in OD have developed.

-Amee Stambaugh Clark, Principal, Synergy Consulting


Thomas is one of those people that you know is special the moment you meet him and I’m honored to have worked with him. His vast knowledge and experiences are impressive and give him a ‘collective’ perspective that he works from. This perspective puts people from all walks of life at ease and make him the ideal mentor and consultant. My trust in Thomas and his abilities enable me to recommend him without reservation. I look forward to working with and learning from Thomas again in the future.

-Steven Alston, PMP, Change Management Lead at Pinellas County Government


Dr. Thomas Griggs is a powerful facilitator, trainer and consultant who brings creative and effective solutions to complex problems. The core of his work is all about real world solutions that work and last! I have experienced his work and highly recommend him.

-Martin Brossman, Author, Social Media for Business


As a member of both the Mankind Project and Inward Journey I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience cutting edge work in the area of racial healing. I’m very impressed with the approach and message that Dr. Griggs brings. It is refreshing, candid, profound and worth spending a weekend on regardless of where you are in the circle of life.

-Doug Gilmore, Co-Founder, Inward Journey & The Underground Railroad


Thomas has a powerful and invaluable gift for understanding human interactions in organizations and guiding them to new levels of productivity, collaboration and success.  The knowledge and tools he has developed cut through the static, frustration, confusion, conflicts and chaos that so many groups fall prey to. If you have the chance to attend one of his trainings you will be getting exceptional insight and have the chance for transformative, lasting results.

-Anora McGaha, Co-Author, Social Media for Business


I had the pleasure of participating in a foundation board retreat that Thomas facilitated. We achieved a major breakthrough during this meeting. Thomas demonstrated an exceptional ability to focus a diverse and opinionated group of business and community leaders.

-Paul Danos, Executive Vice President, Danos Corporation, Marine Contractors


By converting leadership training into something that is practical, Dr. Griggs gains immediate credibility. The training program identifies specific problem situations, reduces them to their fundamental elements, and applies specific, effective tools to help managers find solutions. With practice, I have discovered that I am leading my scientific team more effectively and communicating better.  In meetings with my peers and supervisors, I find it much easier to obtain consensus and to be persuasive.

-Jeffrey M. Gimble, M.D., Ph.D., Adjunct Professor, Center for Stem Cell Research & Regenerative Medicine, Tulane University School of Medicine (Former Chief Scientific Officer, Artecel Sciences, Inc)


This was the most positive and constructive event which PDA has provided in a conference on PDA FDA in a long while. Actually, we were so impressed we have just used this technique at our global meeting on Quality this week in Belgium and it is a valuable tool to open minds and drive change and develop a next level of understanding of differences – to begin the journey.  Really appreciate what you did and also do.

-Bob Darius, Senior Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals


I worked at IBM for nearly 17 years, attending numerous management training classes and assessment sessions. Since leaving IBM I’ve joined several boards and participated in numerous planning and strategy sessions including one just completed by Dr. Thomas Griggs. The session conducted by Thomas is the gold standard against which all such high level meetings should be measured. His process for conducting a discussion is tremendously effective. It includes simple rules for interacting respectfully, solicits input from all parties, and concludes each day with each individual commenting about the day’s successes. I look forward to the next board retreat with Thomas.

-Dan Edelson, Former Manager, IBM Global Services Strategic Outsourcing