Why We Are Successful

We are often asked what makes our work with executive teams and boards different from other leadership development programs. These are the most commonly cited reasons our previous clients recommend us to their colleagues:

We are fully committed to your executive team not only exceeding its own expectations for business results, but also coming away with new understanding of the leadership skills that made extraordinary results possible.

Our background in professional crisis management means that there is no challenge too difficult or uncomfortable to undertake. We are often called in where policies, procedures and other consultation attempts have failed.

We do not employ case studies or simulations in our work with boards and executive teams. We use existing urgent business challenges as the focus of leadership skill development. We learn while working so work doesn’t pile up back at your desk while you’re gone.

We create high leverage efficiencies by integrating existing and new training initiatives into a single, more powerful design. We always find ways to accomplish at least three objectives with every effort.

Griggs Leadership has a special expertise in understanding and effectively working with cultural differences of all types, including those between business/finance and research/academia.

Most importantly, our leadership skills are so easily learned and applied that they directly and immediately benefit the personal and family lives of the executives who learn them.