Conflict & Collaboration

Restoring Partnership and Productivity

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No challenge is too difficult or uncomfortable for us to address. We are often called in when policies and procedures are inadequate to provide necessary guidance and other consultation attempts have failed. Dr. Griggs’ background in professional crisis management allows him to lead our consulting faculty in both responding to a wide range of conflict situations and the restoring of cooperative working relationships. We have experience providing consultation to senior leadership of enterprise level companies in:

  • Responding to adverse publicity
  • Developing unusual executives
  • Managing troubled employees
  • Working with special needs populations
  • Mediating executive conflicts
  • Restoring effective communication
  • Rebuilding broken trust
  • Salvaging failed partnerships

In addition, we have well-established relationships with experts in the field who offer subscription based in-house programs for both crisis prevention and response. Our knowledge of cultural dynamics is a particular core expertise that allows us to resolve the complicated conflicts within and between work groups that seem to mystify others. Sometimes we are focusing on differences among US-born folks, for example in age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Other times the conversations are international, about differences in language and country of origin. We have also worked extensively applying cultural group analysis to resolve issues between organizational subcultures, such as research scientists and their colleagues in business and finance. Not uncommonly, all these differences may be at play in the same problem situation. We are also frequently called upon proactively to help establish collaborative relationships between newly paired work groups and launch strategic partnerships between organizations. Most of the knowledge and leadership skills required to effectively diagnose and resolve complex conflicts apply equally well to building cooperative, collaborative environments. Either way, we are here to serve.