Equity Initiatives

Supporting Inclusive Diversity

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In partnership with our sister consulting firm VISIONS, Inc., we have over 30 years experience in supporting local, national and international client organizations who are committed to building equitable community and creating diverse and inclusive work environments.  We have helped define, launch, develop and measure the success of equity initiatives in every sector of the economy, including enterprise level business; primary and secondary education; federal, state and local government; philanthropy; non-profits; faith-based organizations; and community partnerships.

Our proven approach is based on the 12 Critical Success Factors for an Inclusive Diversity Initiative, available by registering your name and email on the homepage, and includes customized approaches to individual cultural groups based on their unique histories and needs.

The results of our programs are characterized by high levels of affirmation, engagement and institutional level change, all of which are systematically measured through evidence gathered at five distinct levels of analysis.

Dr. Griggs maintains special expertise and joy in creating the conditions that invite senior white male executives into full diversity partnership in ways that are powerful, respectful, practical and fun.

For more information on the VISIONS model and Dr. Griggs’ approach and expertise, check out our resources page and be sure to visit http://www.visions-inc.org