Epic Leadership Course FAQs

For full course description, visit the course information page.

Q: Who can attend? Is it open to women?

A: Sure, the Course is open to the public. It was designed for any person or organization working for the public good.

Q: What about men who are interested but not yet in leadership positions?

A: Absolutely. The Course is designed to encourage engagement by providing a defined development track for emerging contributors to the organization and the community.

Q: Is it open to people at the community level? At national and international levels?

A: Yep, Yep, Yep

Q: How much time will it take each week?

A: That is entirely up to you. There is more material available in the Course than one person can cover in 16 weeks, but that won’t be a problem, because Epic Leadership was designed to provide precise solutions to your specific challenges, not to master a fixed volume of information. The average person may devote 60 – 90 minutes per week. Some will spend 3 hours a week, and we also designed the Course to provide exceptional value in as little as half an hour a week. That is why we say, This is the course for people who are too busy to take the course.

Q: What is the format of the Course?

A: Epic Leadership is a self-paced, 16-week online course employing:

    1. Recorded audio and video
    2. An accompanying written text and workbook
    3. A community learning site to connect and share with other participants
    4. Individual and group assignments
    5. Live interactive webinars to address participant challenges and opportunities

Q: What portion of the Course is live?

A: There will be between 12 -15 live interactive teleseminars scheduled throughout the course in which you will be encouraged to submit active challenges and opportunities. We will apply the concepts and skills of each module to the issues you provide.

Q: When does the Course start?

A: January 18th, 2017

Q: What does it cost?

A: The full tuition for the 16 Week Course is $795. (And there is no reason anyone needs to pay full price.) There are only two discounts available, but together they cut the tuition in half, to $395 per person. The first is a 25% reduction for anyone who is or chooses to become a Member of The ManKind Project USA. The second is a 25% reduction for each member of an intact work group who registers under the same workgroup name. Combined, that is 50% off the full tuition amount.

Q: What constitutes an intact workgroup?

A: Three or more people registering for the course who together are responsible for serving the same community, area or national constituency, either currently or in the near future. That is, you will use your active work together as the basis for course assignments.

Q: What if I register alone, or have challenges in other organizations than my work group’s?

A: No problem. Individuals will be assigned to study groups after registration, and any challenge from any organization is acceptable if it is what you most need to address and would most aid your learning.

Q: I’m on vacation this summer. Can I still take the course?

A: Everyone will have calendar challenges during the course. That is why the course is “self-paced.” The content will be available for retrieval at your convenience. You can access it day or night, at home, in the office or on the road. The live interactive webinar sessions will be also recorded and posted on the Learning Site.


Q: Is any certification available for attending the course?

A: CEUs will be available. A certificate of completion will be available from Griggs Leadership upon completion of the Course assignments.

Q: Does MKP USA plan to provide scholarships?

A: MKP USA has negotiated a 25% discount for members which is available at registration. Additional support may be sought from local areas and communities on a case by case basis.

Q: How do I register?

A: You can see the full course description and register on the Course Information Page.